Paul WWaddell

Transmorphing Utopia

Magaret Haines

Recent Films

you face god and the camera at the same time, 2017 

 the stars down to earth, 2016

Hazel Hill McCarthy III


Transmorphing Utopia 

Book Release and Signing

Hosted by not a cult media

Screenings of Haines’ films begin 5:15p 

Consecutive screenings on the hour


Opening Reception

Sunday | 19 February | 5 – 9p

ltd los angeles, 1119 La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019

ltd los angeles is pleased to present recent works by 

Paul WWaddell, Margaret Haines and Hazel Hill McCarthy III, 

organized with Los Angeles based curator Sant Vernetti.

19 February – 18 March 2017.

Paul WWaddell: Transmorphing Utopia

These latest paintings by Waddell bring together two of the artist most recent series: LOOSE HEADS (paintings that look for you) and TRANSMORPHING. The paintings are also exhibited on the occasion of the artist’s first major publication released by not a cult media. The richly illustrated book includes essays by independent curator Santiago Vernetti and celebrated author Jonathan Griffin, as well as an exclusive interview between Waddell and the artist Chelsea Coon.


Margaret Haines: Recent Films

you face god and the camera at the same time, 2017 (10min) the stars down to earth, 2016 (24 min)Margaret Haines latest films are multifaceted meandering narratives riddled with philosophical investigation. Her shooting and editing style merges points of view, mixes staged scenes with improvised encounters. Haines’s frame oscillates between a myriad of traditional cinema styles, from hollywood fiction film to cinéma vérité, in the creation of a unique form. The films are rife with colliding references to the works of Jean Genet, Kate Millet, Adorno, and allusions to ancient Greek mythology, corporate america, celebrity culture, Astrology, and Thrasher magazine. The result is

an examination of culture and aesthetics that stretches the definitions of what is poetically and politically possible within the moving image art category of short film.


Hazel Hill McCarthy III: ANTHEM SERIES

Multidisciplinary artist Hazel Hill McCarthy III’s most recent sculptures, ANTHEM SERIES, are harmonized assemblages of objects from her personal archives and collections. Arranged in accordance with her abstract musings, these wall mounted works serve as a diary of the artist’s travels and travails, as well as a snapshot of our current political and cultural condition. The individual items included in the series range from the domestically familiar, as in a used lobster dog toy, to consumer kitsch, as with giftstore goods and american flag emblazoned trinkets, to culty collectibles like the infamous Terrorists Attack Trading Cards produced by Piedmont Candy Company in the late 1908s.

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