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Transmorphing Utopia

“To transmorph is for something to pose as what it is not, and actively perform that it is something else until it is more beneficial to shift to another entity. Transmorphing is a state of mimicry, a carefully devised illusion that caters to overt and covert desires of consumers. It is a facade; for something to pretend to be what it is not in ways that shift between the obvious and the subtle and are largely dependent on situational circumstances. This is a result of the demand for a transmorphed item to exist regardless of how that item comes into formation”…

“The questions that drove the Transmorphing Utopia body of work are intentionally left open, and Waddell encourages audiences to develop their own response, and then to question everything about it. What he has proposed is for viewers to approach the work with more consideration, more discomfort, more uncertainty, more skepticism, fewer expectations–and to act on those feelings through the realization of one’s own autonomy as a viewer and allow over time for the art and oneself to transmorph through direct confrontation.”

Chelsea Coon,Excerpt from her introduction to “Those are Dark and Disgusting Values, But What are You Left With?” the interview we conducted together for my book Transmorphing Utopia.

Transmorphs from the book Transmorphing Utopia Photos:Christian Alvarez

From the book Transmorphing Utopia




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