PAUL WWADDELL (b. 1983,United States.)


2005   Certificate of Advanced Studies, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.

2006  BFA,Tufts, Boston, MA.

Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Selected Exhibitions

2017   Transmorphing Utopia, ltd los angeles, Los Angeles, CA

2016  Thus Spake The Fungus, Auturo Bandini, Los Angeles, CA

2016   Synesthesia , Five Car Garage, Santa Monica, CA

2016   Summer Show, 24hr Charles Gallery, Malibu, CA

2014   Edge of Continuation, Pablo's Birthday, Brooklyn, NY

2014   Backroom, Know more games, Brooklyn, NY

2013.  Waxing the Bud, Actual Size,  Los Angeles, CA

2012   Ponding Purple Grass, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2011   Grey Goo, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2011

2008   YOU KNOW YOU ARE RIGHT, Lamontagne Gallery, Boston, MA, 2008

Selected Performance Exhibitions

Interference in Urban planning, every child has a song to sing Every shirt must be washed every stone must be thrown. Every window broke, every door open. Aspiration and experience simultaneously, ltd los angeles, Los Angeles, CA

2016   Community Outreach Four Loco-Gold ,The Gong Show, ClubPro Gallery, Los    Angeles,CA

2015   No money No family or PLAY UP LAMBO SEE ME,

            Solo Dolo 5, Highways Performance space, Santa Monica, CA

2015   I want to be with good people in a good place, The Lighthouse Works, Fishers Island,  NY, 2015

2015   Salt Lake Where Are Your Children, International Performance Festival, Salt Lake City Main LIbrary, Salt lake City, UT

2014   GULP, STUPID PILLS, Curated by Paul Pescador, Hyperion Tavern, Los Angeles, CA,

2014   5PM TO 6PM, Time Body Space Objects 3, DFBRL8R, Chicago, IL

2013   Near urgent release. A marketing guide for developing simulated utopia, Confusion is Sex #3, Sepulveda Wildlife Basin, Los Angeles, CA

2013   Move In Again, Honor Fraser, Los Angeles, CA,

2013   Implied causality for casual distribution of microsimulations of a parody of a reminder, of reminder of areminder, Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles, CA, 2013

2012   Quick start camping trip urbane sim revision: a system for showing results , Art Los Angeles  Contemporary Fair, Ruskin Theatre, Santa Monica, CA

2012   Moving In: Good and Bad Intentions, Honor Fraser, Los Angeles, CA, 2012

2012   Music Insider, Hammer’s Venice Beach Biennial Weekend, Venice Beach, CA

2012   BusinessMan As Hero-a Behavioral Simulation Model for Metropolitan Policy Analysis,       Grand Re-opening, Human Resources , Los Angeles CA

2010  I Like Massachusetts and Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Me.      MEME Gallery, Cambridge. MA

2010   The searing hot life of a house cat, Vertigo performance series, Waterloo Centre For the Arts, Waterloo, IA

2010   I want you to write “robot sex LOL” on it before it's photocopied.,Yard Sale, Möbius Artist Group, Boston, MA

Selected Teaching:

2013  ART 133-1 Advanced Painting, UCLA

2008-2012  Painting and Drawing Instructor, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild CA

Selected Curatorial:

2011   Free Clinic#1, Performance Event, Action Bureau, Human Resources, Los Angeles CA

2011    Free Clinic#2 ,Performance Event, Action Bureau, Human Resources, Los Angeles CA

2010-2012   National Performance Art Month, Parks Gallery, Idyllwild CA

2002-2005   TEST Performance Event, Various Locations, Boston, MA  

Selected Residencies:

2015   Fishers Island Fellowship, Fishers Island, New York

Selected Publication:

2017   not a cult, Transmorphing Utopia: The Works of Paul Waddell, Los Angeles, CA

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