EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS RIGHT               © 2021,Paul W Waddell 


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To transmorph is for something to pose as what it is not, and actively perform that it is something else until it is more beneficial to shift to another entity. Transmorphing is a state of mimicry, a carefully devised illusion that caters to overt and covert desires of consumers. It is a facade; for something to pretend to be what it is not in ways that shift between the obvious and the subtle and are largely dependent on situational circumstances. This is a result of the demand for a transmorphed item to exist regardless of how that item comes into formation… this book is a Transmorpher

Transmorphing Utopia is the first major publication on the astutely absurd work of artist Paul W. Waddell. This richly illustrated book includes essays by independent curator Santiago Vernetti and celebrated author Jonathan Griffin, as well as an exclusive interview between Waddell and the artist

Chelsea Coon. The texts offer generous insights into the full scope and depth of Waddell’s career across his varied mediums and

disciplines. The full color reproductions bring together images from two seminal series of painting: LOOSE HEADS (paintings that look for you) and TRANSMORPHING. Vernetti’s essay, which is chock-full of his characteristically refreshing wit, deftly situates these paintings within their appropriate art

historical lineage while offering amusingly perceptive interpretations. Griffin’s personal reflection untangles the various strands of Waddell’s oeuvre, and considers what artistic personas the artist adopts when addressing his audience. The interview between Coon and Waddell, two of the most engaging and exciting figures in the contemporary art scene, lays bare the impulses and influences that drive and inform their performance practices. Despite its content and contributors, this publication just barely scratches the surface of one of Southern California’s most intriguing artists, and will leave readers delightfully unquenched.Essays contributed by Santi Vernetti and Jonathan Griffin. Interview contributed by Chelsea Coon. Editorial design by Virginia Sasser. Cover design by Anton Khodakovsky. Edited by Gabe Durham. Proofread by Christina Catherine Martinez. Works photographed by Christian Alvarez.
70 pages (color on heavy matte), hardcover (linen with stamped typography), 8 x 10 inches. SIGNED